#4 – Burger King

Did you guys make it through Sunday without a grn-apl post?

“Wait was there not a post?”

Oh fuck you.


Okay, now that I’ve done that bit, we can move on to this week’s post. As you may have noticed, I did not publish a post on Sunday. As you also may have noticed, this post was published on a Thursday. Uh-oh, it’s grn-apl‘s first TBT!

There are so many good commercials from years ago that still stick with you today. As “the Kanye West of TV commercial blogs,” I cannot, in good conscience, ignore the gems of yesteryear. Occasionally, I will mix things up with a nostalgic TBT (a.k.a. when I forget to do one on a Sunday). Keep that in mind when you submit your commercial suggestions via the Contact tab.

Nice. That was a subtle pitch.

How about we just get into the commercial. It’s part of a 2006 ad campaign that I will never forget for as long as I live. And I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy.

Hold up. The concept of this commercial is genius (+3). They used a relatable storyline – much like we’ve seen in our favorite books and movies – where a protagonist dreams of a life different than what’s expected of him. Traditionally, a beautiful and heartfelt story of life. Except they put a live-action chicken on a stoop with a bunch of Burger King french fry pouches HAHAHA (+3).

Immediately, two bullies (“jerk” chickens, if you will) arrive at the stoop to harass and ridicule our defiant dreamer. I’m not happy to admit this, but I’ve never not laughed when the bully shouts “AYY CHICK’N” (+1).

Now how about that part where the two bullies get caught off guard and fumble over their words? The acting in this commercial is incredible (+1).

I have to give bad apples for the weird accents that come into play (+2).

But I also have to give good apples for the weird accents that come into play lol (+2).

And now we’ve reached the climax of the story. All the jibber-jabber built up to one tense moment: “Maybe…I do want to be a french fry” (+2). His defiance is oddly inspiring. I’m not even joking when I say this, but I’ve had that listed in the Favorite Quotes section of my Facebook page since the day I created my account. If you know me personally, you can look it up.

He taught me that I don’t need to restrict myself to the life that others want for me. As a kid, I was good at math and science – your typical logical left brain. Society told me that I wasn’t the creative type. And so that’s what I told myself. I still work as an engineer, but I have dreams of creative writing on the side. And somehow this commercial taught me that it’s okay to want to be a french fry, even if you don’t fit the bill. So here I am, pursuing my dreams…by writing about a Burger King chicken fries commercial from a decade ago.

This is an odd commercial to use as the basis for an inspiring speech.

Let’s add up the points!

good-apl 12

bad-apl 2

Score: 10

We have our first double digit commercial rating! Congratulations to Burger King for having sub-mediocre food, but amazing commercials.

Did you like the TBT concept? Please comment. Did you like the commercial? Please comment. Do you have a strained relationship with one of your parents? Please comment.

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  1. You posted this on Thursday at 10 PM and I am posting after midnight the next day because I just now stopped laughing at the fact that the “Maybe….I DO wanna be a french fry” quote is ACTUALLY in your FB “about me” section. +10 grn apls on that joke and reference. You played the long con on that one and I appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

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