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Commercials. People hate commercials. Despise them. There are entire industries fueled by that hatred (see: TiVo, AdBlock, etc). So why did I start a blog about commercials? Seems ill-conceived.

Well, I think there’s a beautiful art to a good commercial. You have to connect with people at a time when they are least willing to connect. You just interrupted their Monday night viewing of the Bachelor to pitch a product that, in all likelihood, they don’t want or need. It’s frustrating. The realization of a commercial break incites a momentary flash of anger. Out of spite, they WANT to hate your commercial.

Oooh. I like how you capitalized “WANT”. It really gets the point across. 

The challenge to break down that negative perception must be exciting for advertisers. In reality, you have less than a minute to make an impression on a resentful viewer that, in all honesty, is probably not much of a viewer (commercial break = social media break). So what do you do?

Holy crap. What do you do?!

Most commercials go the way of humor. It’s much easier to connect to the viewer with a quick joke. But some commercials…some commercials go big. They try to pluck an emotional nerve deep within you (not like that). To connect with a viewer on an emotional level, within a 30-second time slot, through a medium that they don’t want to watch, is the truest art form I know.


All of that pitter-patter was a setup for this week’s commercial. It’s an ad that first aired during the 2017 Oscars, and it’s one that really struck a nerve with me. Enjoy:

Pause. Take a moment. Maybe re-watch it.

I thought it was quite an inspiring commercial (+2). It was narrated by Casey Neistat, a popular filmmaker and blogger, who first gained attention and accolade through his YouTube channel. I encourage you to also watch his longer video, linked here. He’s speaking to millions of millennials (lol sick alliteration), watching the Oscars with dreams of their own. I’ve included the text of his speech below (+3):

“Allow me to introduce the rest of us – we’re the makers, the directors, and the creators of this generation. We don’t have big award shows or huge budgets or fancy cameras, but what we do have are our phones – and duct tape and parking lots and guts. And we have ideas that we need to share. We know it’s not the size of the production that matters, it’s what you make. We don’t create because we have to, we create because we love to. And we’ve captured billions of moments, from different angles, for different reasons, for millions of viewers, but with one thing in common. When we’re told that we can’t, we all have the same answer: Watch me.”

I love how it opens. A dark, wet parking lot. A random microphone. A man in a tux. I’m hooked (+1).

I love how it cuts in and out of real content, created by the “rest of us” – the everyday man, woman, or child (+1).

I love the pitter-patter backdrop music (+1).

Stop saying pitter-patter. 

I’m not a fan of how he said the word “guts” lol. It seemed out of place (+1).

Finally, I absolutely love that they premiered this commercial during the Oscars (+1). How fucking bold was that??

I truly enjoyed this commercial. Maybe it doesn’t speak to you like it did to me, and that’s okay, but I hope that you can recognize its purpose. Personally, I’m someone that often dreams of creating the type of content that I daily read/watch/view and love from the artistic geniuses of our time. I’ve especially dreamed of writing, but I’ve been hesitant to pursue. A few months back, I had this ridiculous idea to start a blog that reviewed television commercials, and with the encouragement of a few truly genuine friends (S/O my friends), I finally took that leap. Now watch me. 

Let’s take a look at the final rating:

good-apl 9

bad-apl 1

Score: 8

As always, thank you for reading my posts. This week, we switched it up and went a little bit more serious. Let me know your thoughts. Don’t worry, though. Next week, we’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled poop jokes.

Use the Contact tab to submit suggestions for future posts. Peace.

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