#2 – Bai

Hey, hey, hey. Blog post #2! (Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a #2 lol)

Jeez, man. You don’t have to reference poop in every blog post. 

I’m happy that I finally had the courage to share my silly idea with the world last week, in the form of my first blog post. Thank you to the seven of you that read it, especially those that provided support and positive feedback. I’m not trying to be self-defecating here…

God damnit.

Okay, for real. I’m not trying to be self-deprecating here, but I’m aware that it’s not going to be a success overnight. It may be seven readers today, but by this time next year, it may be 700. If it’s not, that’s fine too. I’m happy with the seven of you.

That was kind of poetic. But I’m still mad about the tasteless jokes. 

Now on to the commercial. Actually, pause. Sidebar: I think it’s clear that I don’t know how to start off these posts lol. I’ve been wrestling with how I should format them, and the result has been a couple of weird inner dialogue intros. Maybe in the future I should just go straight into the commercials. I mean, not this time. Because I don’t want to delete the poop jokes. But next post.

Okay, now on to the commercial. Wait. Sidebar again: If I just go straight into the commercials, that makes it a better format for people to share with their friends. But at the same time, that feels so cold. Detached. Apathetic (S/O thesaurus.com). I want to develop more of a relationship with the reader. So sometimes I might use the intro to do that. It may take a different form with each post, but I hope it makes the posts a little bit more intriguing. Otherwise, you’re just reading 30-second reviews to commercials like a fucking weirdo.

Okay, NOW on to the commercial. This one comes to us from Katie all the way in Lincoln, NE (no it doesn’t). Enjoy!

First, the obvious question: How long did it take you to realize that Christopher Walken was citing the lyrics to an NSYNC song? Personally, it took me the whole time. And for that, this commercial gets (+3). For real though, how long did it take you to realize? Please comment, because I’m actually curious.

Christopher Walken for this role is so perfect (+2). Honestly, how does he have that voice? It’s so compelling. I’m not a guy that can do voice impressions, but I give Christopher Walken a try every time I hear his voice. I want to start a YouTube channel with videos of him reading terrible rap lyrics.

Now on to Justin Timberlake. He makes a surprise cameo, but doesn’t say a fucking word. That’s hilarious (+1). But also, he got paid $X thousand dollars to sit on a couch for 30 seconds in complete silence (+1). This is a bottom-tier blog, I’m not actually going to do any research to get you that number. Look it up on Buzzfeed or something.

No paragraph here, I just love that moment where they both look back at the camera (+1).

Moving on, this is a killer entrance into the national spotlight for Bai. They’re not known for national ad campaigns (I had never seen one until this commercial), but they went for gold on a night known as the “Super Bowl for commercials” a.k.a. the Super Bowl (+1). I’m also embarrassed to admit, but I needed this commercial to finally understand how to correctly say Bai (+1). I had been alternating between “bye” and “bae” for months.

That’s about all the analysis I have time for today, so let’s tally up the final rating:

good-apl 8

bad-apl 2

Score: 6

I want to thank you guys for taking the time to read this. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the commercial. Do you agree with the ratings? Are there other aspects of the commercial that stuck out to you? Please comment below. All feedback is welcome except for negative feedback.

Also, I’m interested in learning what your favorite commercials are. Please use the Contact tab of this website to submit recommendations for future posts.

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